January 2008

Greetings from sunny Florida,
We were able to find the county public library yesterday and to use computers for e-mail or internet. The library is not far from where we live and I will dare drive here to use it. It is quite different from using the computer at home and I honestly do not know how it will work. We have all of the e-mail addresses in our account since we began with earthlink and will have to do some erasing the next time we come back.

We had an excellent drive to south Florida, a distance of 2033 miles. An Alex neighbor came over before we left home to point out the roads he uses to reach a place north of us. These are freeways or 4 lane roads with fewer trucks on them and we found this was true. We averaged about 500 miles a day as we stayed the last night in nearby Ft. Myers. There was much road construction in Alabama and on I-10 in north Florida, but we drove these roads on Sat. and Sunday when the workers were at home. The only quite big city we hit at dusk on the way was Nashville and so many of the vehicles turned from the main road to go to Grand Old Oprey that we did not have a problem.?br>
The area of Bonita Springs where the condo we are renting is called Bonita Bay and it is just so very lovely that it is hard to describe. It is over 2,400 acres with tight security 24 hours a day, 3 golf courses, etc. We have started walking for 40 to 50 minutes in the morning on the paved walking trails which give us the chance to see the flowering shrubs, plants, and all of the beautifully cared for trees. There are always persons working to keep the grounds just perfect.

The condo itself is is just perfect! The owners had made it a point of coming to clean it before we came and now it will be a challenge to keep it that way.? There are several walls of floor to ceiling mirrors and other walls of glass windows.?The deck or lanai can be enterred from 3 doors in the living quarters. We have been napping out there on lounges! The furnishings and decorations are like something from House Beautiful - just lovely. We are so thankful to have the chance to be here for several weeks this winter.

Each day we have been trying something new or finding businesses we will use in the future. Today we enjoyed the spa hot tub and the pool just a few steps from our door. We found the grocery prices to be a shocker! Have tried three different supermarkets so far to check the costs.

No spellchecker and I am about out of time.

Blessings and love to each of you,

F&R from Alexandria, MN

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